Hoosier Slicks - 22x10x16 R35A

Hoosier bias-ply slicks with only 10 short autocross runs. I bought these for the 2008 Solo Nationals and have since switched to radial slicks. $550 shipped to anywhere in the continental US.

FP 280Z FP 280Z

FP 280Z FP 280Z

Triple Weber Carburetors - SOLD!

These have been on my autocross car for three seasons and were just pulled in December 2007. They were on the car for the dyno pull below. Great condition, just add your own manifold and linkage of choice and bolt on. Don't trust carbs that have been sitting on a shelf for years, these are ready to go. Extra jets available upon request.

  • 3x Weber 40DCOE18 carburetors
  • 34mm venturis
  • Air horns included
  • Manifold not included
  • (more info to follow, email if interested)
  • FP 280Z FP 280Z

    L28 Motor - SOLD!

    2.8L F54 Block, flat-top pistons, pulled from a running parts car during my initial FP 240Z build up and still going strong. This bottom end has always been solid and has had nothing but autocross runs since I've had it (no street miles). It has about 4 autocross seasons on it, around 2 events per month, oil changed regularly with Mobil1 synthetic or Royal Purple. Dyno'd in December 2007 (graph below) at 173hp and 230ft/lb at the rear wheels. Motor pulls great out of the corners but loses power above 5k rpm, I suspect that the cam timing may be just a bit off. Drop in as-is and you can be back on the road in a day. Swap in some bearings and time the cam and you'll be good to go for a long time. New motor on the way, make me an offer so I can get this out of my garage!

    New components - 2004:

  • Motorsport Auto Stage IV Camshaft. .495/.495 lift and 290/290 duration
  • N42 Head - valve job, new cam, rockers, valve seals
  • New timing chain kit
  • New water pump
  • New turbo oil pump
  • New Nissan intake/exhaust stud kit
  • New components - 2007:

  • Powerforce SFI Damper - only two events
  • New Front and Rear crank seals - only two events
  • New stainless steel valve cover and oil pan bolts
  • Pictures:

  • Left
  • Front
  • Right
  • Dyno Sheet - December 2007 (with carb setup above)

    Email forsale@typeischeap.com if you are interested in any of these items. I will ship the carbs but not the motor. Reasonable offers will be considered. Thanks.